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Online marketing is confusing. Our Australian seminars make it simple.

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What You'll Learn in Our Workshop

Get more Sales with Better Marketing

Marketing doesn't need to be hard. In our four hour workshop we cover what you need to know to get started with online marketing.

Meet Gary

Gary Eckstein, marketing expert
Gary Eckstein is an Australian marketing consultant and trainer. His clients include some of the world's most recognized brands through to government departments and small businesses. Gary is a qualified trainer and is M.B.A. qulaified from a leading European business school.

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Make Sense of Marketing

Digital marketing can be very confusing. There are multiple marketing channels with thousands of tools available. Should you be sending email marketing, posting to social media, creating video, blogging or using any other the many other channels?

In our marketing seminars we teach you what marketing channels will suit you best. We then cover the tools available to meet your marketing objectives. You leave the workshop knowing how to market your organization effectively.

Join us. See the results!

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Here's Why You'll Love Our Workshops

Fantastic Ideas

Get simple ideas that benefit you. We give plenty of hints and tips in addition to showing what channels & tools are available.

Saves Time

Stop wasting your valuable time trying marketing that won't work for you. We focus on the core channels & services that will get you results.

Plain English

We explain concept and tools in a way that makes sense. You don't need to be a marketing guru or IT genius to attend.

More Sales

Marketing should be all about results. Learn what will get you new leads and sales. Leave knowing what will work for you.

Our Customers

Whether you are small business, a large multi-national corporation, a government department or even a local club, Gary will help you get incredible results from your marketing.

These and many other organizations use Gary's marketing advice ...

Coca Cola
The Body Shop
The University of Melbourne

What You'll Learn

Marketing online has changed. Research shows that it is necessary to use multiple marketing channels. In our class we'll help you discover which marketing channels you should be using, the marketing tools you need to use plus provide marketing tips and tricks.

From tips about creating content to knowing where to concentrate your marketing efforts, getting new subscribers and so much more. Join Gary and take your digital marketing to the next level!

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Practical Marketing Plan

With so many marketing options available it's important to identify which channels and tools will get the best results for your organizations at the lowest cost.

Gary will help you create a marketing plan during the workshop using our very successful one-page marketing plan template. Your plan will help identify where you should be concentrating your marketing effort.

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Which Tools Should You Be Using?

We help you identify which tools you should be using.
Google Analytics
Amazon Kindle

"Hi, I'm Gary. From content ideas, to marketing channel selection, to using the best tools, join me to learn how to market your organisation effectively.
I look forward to meeting you."

- Gary Eckstein
Gary Eckstein, marketing trainer